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The @license tag is used to indicate which license is applicable for the associated Structural Elements.


@license [<url>] [name]


The @license tag provides the user with the name and URL of the license that is applicable to Structural Elements and any of their child elements.

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to apply @license tags to any PHPDoc other than file-level PHPDocs as this may cause confusion which license applies at which time.

Whenever multiple licenses apply MUST there be one @license tag per applicable license.

Effects in phpDocumentor

Structural Elements tagged with the @license tag will show a link to the given license in case an URL is provided or the name contains one of the following license forms:

  • GPL, or GNU General Public License, version 2
  • GPL, or GNU General Public License, version 3
  • LGPL, or GNU (Library|Lesser) General Public License, version 3
  • BSD
  • FreeBSD
  • MIT

phpDocumentor supports several permutations of the names above and it is RECOMMENDED to try out the form that you desire.


  * @license GPL
  * @license GNU Public License